Tehran , Iran
Tehran , Iran


SoilWin is a modular 3D ceramic block with argon gas used as a facade or/and double-glazed window heat-sound insulation

Current building windows are not one piece and have a high weight, their installation process is difficult, their heat and sound insulation depends on their multi-layer construction and high costs, and the heat insulation of these windows depends on high costs and sealing, and most of the materials used are not ecofriendly. And also, the firing problem is one of main concern in building window in Canada. Our product is a building window with a special formulation of material composition and production to solve these problems.

SoilWin is a company to produce a building window in which a formulation of material composition to increase the strength and durability of ceramic. In this window, a three-dimensional block and two-stage gypsum formwork method for the production of hollow ceramic blocks is used. This method can be used also for facade, partition and window in the form of ready-made ceramic blocks is produced.

SoilWin product with a special material composition and production to enhance strength, durability, sound and thermal insulations, as a fire-retardant material wants to capture market opportunity through solving the problems of current buildings window.

There are four innovative parts in this device:

The innovative chemical structure that insulates ceramics from impact, sound, and heat.
Injecting argon gas and keeping it inside three-dimensional ceramics for thermal and acoustic insulation.
This window frame is lightweight that because of the high thickness and strength of the materials used. king cycle.
Using a layer of glaze on the block and providing a two-stage baking cycle.

The advantages of SoilWin product are

Sound and heat insulation
Fire proof
Easy installation
Production in different sizes, designs and colors
High strength and impact resistance
Has high hardness against scratches and scratches
Resistance to temperature change

In SoilWin product, with a special formulation, the window becomes sound proof, through using argon gas and trapped air, and Heat insulation. This product is made modularly in different shapes and designs and can be turned into double glazed window blocks by adding white or colored double glazing in the center. This product can be also used as prefabrication wall for building facade which is under development by SoilWin. The use of hollow ceramics in the facade of the building is lighter than other similar facades, which will reduce the weight of the walls and the forces entering the building.


Saeed Sadeghighahroodi
Saeed Sadeghighahroodi


Vahid Razazpour
Vahid Razazpour

Director of Business Development

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