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Quiet comfort all around!

Empty three-dimensional hollow ceramic block with argon gas

What is SoilWin?

SoilWin produces innovative building windows with a strong and durable ceramic composition. These windows are versatile and suitable for any building type. With a unique formulation, they offer soundproofing and heat insulation through the use of argon gas and trapped air. The modular design allows for various shapes and styles, and they can be easily transformed into double-glazed windows by adding colored or white glazing.

Advanced Thermal and Sound Insulation:

Addressing common issues with current windows, SoilWin offers superior thermal and sound insulation, reducing heat loss or gain and enhancing occupants’ comfort.

Eco-friendly and Fire-Retardant

 SoilWin’s innovative window design prioritizes eco-friendliness and serves as a fire-retardant material, addressing environmental concerns and safety requirements.

Weight Reduction and Easy Installation

SoilWin aims to overcome the challenges of heavy windows by introducing a three-dimensional block and a two-stage gypsum formwork method, simplifying the installation process.

Unique Production Method

SoilWin utilizes a distinctive method involving three-dimensional hollow ceramic blocks filled with argon gas, offering modular connections and serving as both a facade and a double-glazed window for efficient heat and sound insulation.

Experience the future of building windows with SoilWin's innovative ceramic formulation, engineered to maximize strength and durability.

Insulating chemical structure

Our ceramics are designed with a unique chemical composition that provides excellent insulation against impact, sound, and heat.

Argon gas injection

By injecting and effectively containing argon gas within three-dimensional ceramics, we enhance their insulating properties even further.

Dual-stage baking process

Each block is carefully glazed and undergoes a precise two-stage baking cycle, ensuring optimal durability and performance.

Choose SoilWin for innovative building window solutions

As a trusted provider of innovative building windows, SoilWin is dedicated to delivering high-performance products that exceed customer expectations.
Our windows combine strength, durability, and energy efficiency, ensuring optimal comfort and long-term value. Our windows are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern construction projects.

Our team

Saeed Sadeghighahroodi


Vahid Razazpour

Director of business development

Moving Forward Together

We're excited to share that in the near future, we anticipate exciting partnerships with several esteemed and industry-leading companies. Revolutionizing Windows, Transforming Spaces: SoilWin – Your Window to a Better Environment.

Experience the future of building windows with SoilWin!